contrast using colors

design principle: Contrast

By Knowing or not knowing photographers do contrasting pictures. First of all what is contrast. Design principle: Contrast. It is nothing but just a position of different elements of design  For example we can create contrast through Rough and smooth textures, Dark and light values in order to highlight their differences and or to create visual interest in subjects we are focusing.

In Photography

This is so important and that is why photographers are finding good quality SLR or DSLR Camera’s that can create contrasting images by default and yes professional good quality cameras by default with simple settings Photographers can take good contrasting images

Other peoples

It is a principle to be followed by each and every one in this world to Show more interest or importance on subjects that they focus. So this is not only for photographers, designers or artist. To my beloved student i teach one Module known as DFC nothing but Design for communication. In this module i teach them design elements and principles

I do work on this Elements and Principles

This design elements and principles will be very much helpful to one who want to find or to create a good design.  Basically The institution i am working as faculty is actually a design institute multimedia Institute were people come to know about designs and other stuffs  related to multimedia

To those people this design elements and principle will be helpful to understand better about designs. So we have 7 elements of design and 7 basic principles of design

It can discussed latter in other post but this post is more particularly about  design principle: Contrast. See you back on other post with those design elements and principle and i try to explain who it will work on photography see how contrast is working with the example picture that i took

Thank you all regards Vasanth babu E R

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